Sunday, April 21, 2013

Not sure what I have gotten myself into however it is starting to get FUN!!! I am part of an awesome group of crafts called the Mad Mad Makers and a couple months ago our fearless leaders Charrisa approached us with an idea, a fabric challenge. The challenge will be similar to Iron Chef. We quickly feel in love with the idea and MeLinda went to work on picking out our secret fabric. We have to incorporate the fabric within our project using any other material we decide. MeLinda vowed to make it something we would all find challenging and she did!

About 2 weeks ago I checked my mail and found 
yes, that's right- BLACK LACE!!! I had a freak out moment right there at the mail box. What am I suppose to make with lace. I had a whole project in mind when I thought of "fabric" but it went out the window. 

I have to admit though, MeLinda did a great job at picking out a CHALLENGING piece. 

After a lot of thought and talking with my best friend, Shannon, I have come up with an idea. For now I can only share with you the elements that I will be using. 

Our deadline is May 3rd :) 
So stay tuned......

 Our Fans will be voting for the winner!!