Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Worldwide Artists Blog Hop

I was invited to participate in the Worldwide Artists Blog Hop earlier this month.  This is a blog hop of all sorts of creative artisians from all over the world share their answers to 4 questions.

I was nominated by Sheri from Country Willows Designs. I met Sheri online and have tested a few of her patterns. She introduced me to a Crochet Bloggers Group and the rest is still in the making.

Now on to the 4 questions.

Why do I do what I do? hmmm, I love to see people smile and that is what I see when I either give a crochet piece away or talk to people at a local event about my pieces. I will be honest though, my business helps support my family. With the struggles of having children in school and trying to work around their schedule, we decided as a family for me to stay home. Pink Snail Boutique income goes to things like clarinet and karate classes, Christmas and Birthday presents and hopefully one day we will even be able to take a family vacation.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Within the crochet design industry there are a lot of similarities and that is to be expected. There is a basic shape for a hat or a cowl. The differences come in the stitch and even then there are only so many stitches. My work differs in that I try to find a stitch that has not been used. When I go to make an item if I find a pattern I really like that already exists I will use or buy that pattern. If I am unable to find exactly what I am looking for I will start from scratch and make my own.

How does my creative process work?

Opening a stitch book often begins my inspiration. I may start with an idea, for instance, I participated in the Battle of the Stitches challenge and we were given the stitch of braided cable and our theme was Winter Wonderland. I immediately thought of a poncho. I researched different poncho designs and as I was working up my piece my creative mind took over and my final piece was quite different than my original sketch.

Braids & Cable Poncho 2

What am I working on now? 

I just finished up a Market bag. I am also gearing up for the Christmas boutique season. One of my busiest times of the year.

Now I would like to introduce you to 2 of my blogging/crafty friends. Stacy from Too Yarn Cute, who I have worked with as a newsletter publisher and contributor to Too Yarn Cute Crochet Magazine. The second is Stephanie from Smalltown Dreamz, I met Stephanie as a member of the Mad Mad Makers group and we are in each others pattern testing groups.

Worldwide Artists Blog Hop