Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunshine to someones life.......

My Pinterest WIN!!!

sunshine box

I love Pinterest. Not as much as my husband, who pins daily, but I am on there a lot. About 4 months ago I came across the “Sunshine in a Box” gift idea. I knew I wanted to make one for my best friend. She moved back home with her mom so she could go to school full time and while I am super excited for her, I miss her dearly as it meant she moved out of state. She is nearing the end of her journey at the college level and this summer she moves on to a state university (and even further away). This semester has been challenging and I wanted to lift her up with some California Sun and love from me.

So I was on the prowl for lots of “yellow” goodies to fill her box. I found lots of fun stuff in the Odds ‘n ends bins at Michael’s and Target.

1. Mini Golden Oreos

2. EOS lip balm

3. Yellow note cards

4. Initial Note Cards

5. Hand Lotion

6. Makeup Mirror

7. Peeps (Easter is coming up)

8. M & M’s

9. Hawaiian deodorant (her dream vacation location)

10. Juicy Fruit gum

11. Lemonhead

12. Soap with Initial

14. Yellow Picture Frame (added a picture of us)

I use a “Priority Mail- Flat Rate Medium Box”

DSCN5711 DSCN5713

I found this perfect “You are my Sunshine” print out here  Send a “Box of Sunshine”

There are lots of yellow items out there. If you are on pinterest you can look up “sunshine box” for a lot of ideas. Don’t want to send “sunshine” you can send the persons favorite color. Make it a “Purple Box” or “Pink Box” and include all purple or pink items. The possibilities are endless.


Sunshine to someones life.......